What are the Benefits of Keeping a Travel Log?

Taking trips once in a while is very important to ease off stress but there’s more fun if you have a travel log with you to put some exciting moments down so you don’t forget.

Trips also serve as a challenge, a form of education, and a break from repetitive day-to-day life.  They also offer you an opportunity to discover new places, cuisines, and languages.

Contrary to popular belief, keeping a travel log is simple. However, sometimes you need to know its benefits for you to be able to write mind-blowing documentation of your trip.

Before we get to the benefits of a travel log, let us refresh your mind by reminding you of what a travel log is.

What is a Travel Log

What is a Travel Log?

Unlike a regular log book, a travel log has extra features beyond just lines to document your daily activities.

The design and layout encourage you to jot down notes, print out and tape pictures, and keep souvenirs like stickers and ticket stubs when you make a trip.

A travel log gives you the ability to catalog your travel memories, regardless of the level of your artistic ability.

Some individuals get discouraged just because they don’t feel artistic enough to make their travel log pretty. You should try not to be one of them.

You should place more importance on the memories you document on your log rather than how it looks. Make use of your travel book to collect your beautiful memories of your trips

Benefits of Keeping a Travel Log

Regardless of the type of trip you are making, a Travel Log is beneficial to you in several ways, below are some of them:

1. It Makes Planning Easier

A journal is an important addition to your traveling tools. Every busy traveler has places to visit, schedules to make, and sights to see.

Some activities have timeframes and strict deadlines, while others are based on “if time permits”.

After doing a lot of pre-planning research, why not document your plans in it and take it with you as you move around the world?

You can maximize your travel experience by setting up your travel log in a variety of ways.

2. Stimulates Your Memory

Several studies have proven that your brain stores more information when you write things down than when you don’t.

If you write down your travel experiences in your log, your brain will vividly recall them, and this helps you to remember them for a longer time.

That simply means it will be easier for you to recollect the experiences in the future even if you don’t open your travel log again.

3. Photo Memories

Photos give you visible memories of all the places you visited during your trip. A travel log is a good way to keep photos of places you’ve visited.

You can stick those photos to your travel log and see them later (sometimes you revisit them years later}.

Well, the great thing about it is that you don’t limit yourself to only photos. You can pick up stickers, postcards, and souvenirs and add them to it. This will help you bring back the memories of the places you’ve visited in a more vivid form.

4. Relieves Travel Stress

Traveling can be an energy-draining activity. Right from the planning of the trip to long flights, safety concerns, and navigating unfamiliar territories, these experiences can drain you of your energy.

On such events, a travel log can be your energy saver. Writing will comfort and strengthen you during stress troubles.

Writing is a good way to remind yourself of the purpose of your travel. It also gives you the courage and resilience you need to carry out all your planned activities.

5. You Become a Great Resource

A travel log is a good resource for your travel adventure. Imagine you took a trip to Italy and found a new restaurant, with amazing food and awesome service. When you discover a treasure like that you’ll keep a record of it.

In the future, your family, friends, and colleagues will ask you for recommendations, so now you have become a great resource for them.

The fact is if you don’t have a travel log in hand to jot down your trek, you may not be able to remember that beautiful sight, considering the exhilarating experiences you go through during your trip.

With a travel log, you can keep detailed descriptions of the beautiful sight, including the location, name, and the outdoor activities that you engaged in while you were there.

6. Improves Your Writing Ability

Practice is one thing you need to do to become a great writer.  A lot of great writers will tell you that they always traveled with a travel log to document their experiences.

Keeping a travel journal can make your writing dreams become a reality. This is because traveling gives an aquarium of materials and inspiration.

Creative inspiration is everywhere. Every day, you see amazing sights, stumble across animals and plants, meet people, and try out different cuisines.

For an aspiring, or experienced writer, this is a drumfull of experiences and emotions. You will agree with me that great movies have been written by writers who travel the world.

When Do You Use a Travel Log?

When Do You Use a Travel Log, What are the Benefits of Keeping a Travel Log

There is no specific time for you to start journaling your travel activities. So, what is stopping you from starting today?

Even though you are not currently on any trip and you are not planning anyone soon, you can start journaling your past travel experiences and memories.

If you are planning to make an adventurous trip soon, you should get a travel log to jot down the places you don’t want to miss, the local activities you would love to engage in, and the restaurants you want to try out.

Traveling with spontaneity is a delightful experience. However, an itinerary outline will make your vacation more efficient if you are limited on time.

The next time you organize a business trip, a vacation, an adventure make sure to go along with a travel log.

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