How to Ease Your Travel With Nomatic Travel Pack (The Ultimate Guide)

Nomatic is a company that has a vision to make travel easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Their flagship product, the Nomatic Travel Pack, is a perfect example of how they are achieving that vision.

What the Nomatic Travel Pack is All About

With a range of innovative features, this travel bag is designed to make organizing and packing for any kind of trip easier.

The Nomatic Travel Pack meets the needs of individuals looking for a dependable and classic traveling pack. Well, thanks to its durable construction and its well-designed compartments.

As you read through, you will get to know more details about the Nomatic travel pack, its material and aesthetic, durability, and more on this page.

What the Nomatic Travel Pack is All About

The Nomatic Travel Pack is one of the Nomatic products that has been designed by the company to enhance the travel experience of its customers.

Not only is the Nomatic Travel Pack better than the Nomatic travel bag, but it also has a few additional features.

The travel pack was launched in August 2019, and since then there have been a few vital changes to it. These changes have made the pack a very reliable one for its users.

Okay, let us get to fully know all we need to know about this great gift by Nomatic

What are the Aesthetics and Materials of the Nomatic Travel Pack?

We’ve noticed that the tarpaulin material used on the pack’s outside scratches and marks up more easily than other materials available (such as nylon or polyester).

Having said that, compared to the original Travel Pack, this tarpaulin feels a little higher quality

Also, it is less glossy, giving this bag a more sophisticated appearance. All in all, it feels better, so this is a nice improvement.

The Nomatic Travel Pack is currently only available in black as of the time of writing this article.

If you talk about the branding, there is a straightforward Nomatic logo on the front of the pack, as well as additional ones on the back panel, shoulder strap, and a few more locations.

The triangle pattern on the front of the original Travel Pack has been removed in this new version.

What are the External Components Nomatic Travel Pack

This pack has a detachable and adjustable sternum strap that is less prone to getting lost because it slides up and down smoothly and doesn’t come off readily.

The sternum strap has elastic bends. This component makes the pack comfortable whenever you are walking.

The Nomatic Travel Pack’s shoulder strap adjusters are somewhat conventional. You can adjust them to suit your needs.

Also, the Pack’s harness system has two rubbery-looking Hypalon attachment points at the bottom for a hip belt.

Not only can these small loops be tucked under the rear panel when not in use, but they also don’t obstruct anything.

You will appreciate the usefulness of the hip belt even though it is a bit big. It also improves your comfort whenever you are carrying the loaded Nomatic Travel Pack.

The grab grip at the top is padded, with far more padding than the shoulder straps.

It would have been great if Nomatic had included some of this padding in the shoulder straps to improve its comfort. Well, they made up for that with a cozy handle instead.

How is the Pack Structured

How to Ease Your Travel With Nomatic Travel Pack (The Ultimate Guide)
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Concerning structure, the boxy shape and foam cushioning of this bag allow it to stand on its own.
This structure is important to travelers who love traveling with a backpack that can stand independently without any external support.

The rear of the Nomatic Travel Pack features a luggage pass-through, which is quite useful if you also need to wheel roller luggage through the airport.

The backpack also has a side handle and a water bottle holder on each side. A flexible mesh that expands to accommodate a larger water bottle makes the water bottle compartments amazing.

Enough of the external components of the Nomatic Travel Pack, let us discuss its internal components.

Internal Components of Nomatic Backpack

The first feature to discuss is a tiny concealed zipper pocket situated behind the frame sheet on the rear of the pack.

It’s a bit tricky to locate it, but that’s a good thing because pickpockets won’t be able to steal your passport or valuables like cash and credit cards.

The next feature is a top quick-grab pocket that is the ideal size for sunglasses or devices. It is soft material lined, so it shouldn’t harm your lenses or screen. It is also easily accessible.

If you prefer to have a power bank within the bag’s main compartment, there is a cord pass-through that you can use to charge your phone.

An RFID pocket with a zipper at the top that takes up roughly half of the front flap of the U-shaped pocket is found inside.

Two mesh inner pockets, a smaller zipped pocket, and two sleeves for pens, pencils, or styluses (styli?) are located beneath that pocket.

This compartment has four mesh pockets on the other side, two rows of two, plus a flat liner pocket that’s suitable for a medium-sized notebook or laptop charger. To keep your things tidy, the tops of all the mesh compartments have elastic that is stretchable.

Is the Nomatic Travel Pack Durable?

Talking about durability, the tarpaulin has a few marks and scratches on it. This is a general problem with any bag that uses this material on the outside, not just the Nomatic Travel Pack specifically.

Even though expandability is appealing, it also needs to be useful. While the Nomatic Travel Pack’s expanding function is a welcome design element, it becomes bulky and unmanageable when switching from a 20L to a 30L configuration.

Everything seems rather smooth for daily carry when in the 20-liter mode. The harness method is more uncomfortable and the bag becomes cumbersome and difficult to handle when it is expanded to 30 liters and filled with heavy equipment.

The Nomatic Travel Pack offers a pleasing blend of style and function that goes beyond the bounds of traditional backpacks. It’s well design and useful features guarantee a smooth travel experience.

The Nomatic Travel Pack is a notable option for individuals seeking a travel companion that blends design, durability, and functionality.

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Whether you’re a frequent traveler or just looking for a better way to pack your belongings, the Nomatic Travel Pack is an excellent option.

With its versatile design, durable materials, and user-friendly features, it’s the ultimate companion for your next trip. So, if you’re ready to upgrade your travel gear, the Nomatic Travel Pack is the way to go. Bon voyage!

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