Travel Sickness bands | How Useful Are They?

Travel Sickness bands | How Useful is it?

Travel sickness bands have lots of essence to your health. From your wrist to your overall health they ensure that you’re in a good state while traveling.

Regardless of whether you’re facing the sights, the sounds, the new experiences, as well as dreaded nausea coming from cars, planes, boats, and even amusement park rides, it is important to note that things may not be as planned as this form of motion sickness can turn into a nightmare.

As you keep your eyes on this rich content, you will get to know much about travel sickness bands, by knowing how they work, their benefits, and factors to consider before getting one.

Don’t worry if you get confused along the way by thinking of the specific band to use, because we are also going to mention some of the best travel sickness bands for you. 

What are Travel Sickness Bands?

You can’t even assume travel sickness bands as any kind of ordinary wristband.

This is because they are acupressure wonders that apply gentle pleasure to the P6 (Nei-Kuan) point on each wrist. This is a well-recognized method based on Chinese medicine to regulate nausea and vomiting. 

How do Travel Sickness Bands Work? 

Would you believe that travel sickness bands are still being explored? Nevertheless, most theories state that applying pressure to the P6 point stimulates the nervous system by sending signals to the brain that help to calm the nausea center.

In the view of most studies, have shown that acupressure can be effective as medication in preventing motion sickness.

In the same vein, others suggest a placebo effect might be at play whether there’s an exact mechanism or not. What most people are concerned with is the working state of these bands. 

What are the Benefits of Travel Sickness Bands? 

1. Drug-free: While using travel sickness bands, you don’t need to worry about drugs because the device keeps your nervous system in check.

Therefore, there are no triggers of drowsiness, side effects, and pure relief. 

2. Safe for everyone: Travel sickness bands are very suitable to use to the extent that they are tailored to the needs of adults, children, and even pregnant women. 

3. Reusable and Washable: Don’t make your travel sickness band dirty.

It is important to invest in a good pair so that they can become your trustworthy travel companion for years to come. 

4. Discreet and Comfortable: Another benefit attached to using travel sickness bands is that you can wear them at your convenience.

This means that they can be worn under your sleeves or you can even begin to flaunt them with pride. These bands are barely noticeable and comfortable. 

Natural Approach: These benefits come in the form of a natural approach which happens in such a way that travel sickness might become your best option especially if you prefer alternative therapies. 

How to Choose the Right Travel Sickness Bands 

There are various travel sickness bands made from various brands that have distinct features. In light of this, it’s important to consider some factors when choosing the right one. 

1. Brand: Most brands are based on different types of quality products. You have to find the one that is tailored to your needs and preferences.

As stated earlier we would be examining some of the best brands that produce travel sickness bands later on. 

2. Size: They come in different sizes, which implies that you should get the one that fits perfectly on your wrists 

3. Materials: These bands are made of different materials, by the best we can recommend is a breathable and washable type for maximum comfort. 

4. Price: The bands range in price from affordable to premium. Choose one that fits your budget and preferences.

What are the Tips for Using Travel Sickness Bands? 

  • Place them on your wrist 30 minutes before starting your journey.
  • Ensure that the plastic stud is well positioned directly on the P6 point 
  • If the nausea persists, it’s wise to adjust the pressure or try rubbing the P6 point.
  • Keep in mind that travel sickness bands may not work for everyone. It’s important to find what works best for you.

Best Travel Sickness Bands To Consider 

As promised earlier, we’ve provided a detailed list of some of the best travel sickness band brands for you to make good use of.

Let’s look at them one after the other. 

1. Sea-Band: This is regarded as one of the best travel sickness bands that have been known by users for over 40 years.

This travel sickness band comes in various forms including black and white which are clinically treated and FDA-approved.

It also makes them a reliable choice for both adults and children.

There is a sleek design that marks the band’s appearance so that you will be able to wear them under your sleeves. 

2. ReliefBand: This band identifies itself as an innovative brand that seamlessly elevates the level of acupressure due to its electronic wristbands.

Reliefband is a key player in combining acupressure with gentle electrical simulation which offers three intensity levels for personalized relief. 

3. BioBand: With this travel sickness hand you will get your hands on 100% recycled plastic bottles, which offers a suitable and effective solution to motion Sickness.

It looks comfortable and the appearance fits most designs which makes it the best option for families and groups. 

4. The Ginger Band: If you are on the lookout for another best travel sickness band, look no further than the Ginger Band.

Fully infused with real ginger, they have a double dose of nausea relief.

The natural ginger scent is very powerful because it combines itself with acupressure which provides a soothing and effective experience.

The Ginger Band is an ideal option for those who prefer a natural approach or simply love the aroma of ginger. 

5. Queaz-Away:  Looking for a fun and affordable option? The last on the list is the Queaz-Away bands, which come in a variety of vibrant colors and playful patterns, making them a hit with kids and adults alike.

These washable and reusable bands offer effective relief at a budget-friendly price.

Additional Tips 

In some instances, you may not fully depend on travel sickness bands when preventing nausea. Here are some additional tips we’ve gathered to keep you on track:

1. Stay Hydrated: Make sure that you drink plenty of water before, during, and after your travels.

Even if you don’t want to stay hydrated for the moment, don’t take long. 

2. Eat Light and Avoid Greasy Foods: Don’t go for hard foods. Instead, opt for bland,  easily digestible snacks.

3. Focus on the Horizon: Fix your gaze on a stationary point in the distance.

4. Get Some Fresh Air: To do this open a window or step outside for a few minutes if possible. This is for ventilation. 

5. Relax and Distract Yourself: You can do this by listening to music, reading a book, or watching a movie

Call to Action 

You stand to gain a lot when using any of the right travel sickness bands. While this may not work for lots of people, you must value it and make good use of it especially if it works out perfectly for you. 

If you have any questions or would love to contribute to this, kindly drop a comment in the comment box below. Happy Travels!

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