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Are you looking for an ideal way to create some of the best memories? At Polka Dot Travel in the UK, all the elements have been stored to create your perfect break. 

When planning your holiday, whether with your loved ones or friends, Polka Dot Travel is always there to ensure everything goes smoothly.

They also understand how precious you love to spend time together. 

They work as a travel agency that helps you find your perfect gateway by taking you anywhere you want to go in the world.

Polka Dot Travel seeks the happiness of travelers, and they would love to hear that you’ve enjoyed your holiday. 

We will be using this article to give you some detailed insights on Polka Dot Travel including the necessary tips before booking. Without further ado, let’s run through the overview. 

Overview of Polka Dot Travel 

Polka Dot Travel was established in 2013. You can find this travel company in North Wales, Shropshire, Mid Wales, and Cheshire. 

They are the best among other travel companies in the United Kingdom, with their diligent staff members who are highly experienced in their line of work. 

In addition to this, they have a reputable customer service that caters to the complaints and issues of customers. 

Not everyone goes back without experience because this travel agency has a lot to offer from a relaxing beach vacation to an adventurous expedition. 

What Makes Polka Dot Travel Special?

Being best at what they do you simply can’t compare Polka Dot Travel with other travel agencies.

This is because they provide exceptional quality of service to all travelers and visitors. Several things make Polka Dot Travel special among others: 

1. Cheap Service

Although the services are very affordable, Polka Dot Travel ensures that the customers get value for their money. 

You might be on the lookout for deals and discounts, Polka Dot Travel has got you covered even with the inclusion of special offers on their website to explore. 

2. Designated Bank Account 

Your funds are secured because they are deposited into a Trust Account. The essence of this method is to have a streamlined transaction process when booking for a holiday at the appropriate time. 

3. Best Choices

Travelers are offered several choices by Polka Dot Travel. It is left for them to choose the one that suits their interests and budget. 

As mentioned earlier, they can take you to destinations all over the world, and this includes popular tourist hotspots and various track locations. 

4. Level of Convenience

When it comes to your convenience while enjoying your vacation, you can rely on the comfortable fleet of coaches of Polka Dot Travel 

They do whatever it takes to make it feel easy for you to enjoy your holiday as well as their services. The level of convenience also extends to booking your holiday with ease.

Several options are laid out for you to book the perfect holiday you’ve longed for. The booking can be done online, by phone, or even in one of their many retail stores. 

5. Customer service

For eight years, Polka Dot Travel has been good at providing excellent customer service to its customers. 

You can miss out on this treatment especially if this is your first time booking a holiday. 

The staff are friendly and helpful. They are also ready to give a positive response to any questions asked. 

If you are also looking for an ideal way to plan your holiday, they are always available to assist you. 

Polka Dot Travel Duration and Prices 

There are slight differences in the duration of Polka Dot Travel based on the specific plan chosen. Get yourself prepared for the trips since they are between 8 and 12 hours long. 

The starting price goes for £889 and above per person. Note that this is based on the trip as well as any extras added. 

The trips typically consist of transportation, experienced trip coaches, and even food or entrance fees to the attraction. 

Are you stuck on the kind of trip plan to go for, here are some Polka Dot Travel plans that you can peruse and choose the one that suits your preferences. 

1. From Spain: Catalonia Park Putxet 

Based in the heart of Barcelona, this attraction will leave you with some of the pleasant moments. It also has a hotel with stylish facilities for travelers to feel accommodated. 

If you want to have a moment of relaxation, you can refresh yourself on the rooftop where you will be able to see a panoramic view of Spain alone with a cocktail menu in your hand. 

They offer double and twin rooms furnished for up to 2 adults. The duration for this trip ranges from 2-3 hours and each person is required to pay £256. Cancellation options are within 24 hours. 

2. From Ixia: Belair Beach Hotel

With £473, you could be at one of the best locations in Greece. Belair Beach Hotel has one of the best ocean views for people who love the gift of nature. 

This beach hotel has lots of fun to offer starting from taking a deep into the ocean, trying out some of the best water spots, or simply lounging by the pool. 

The sea breeze over there represents a cool atmosphere where visitors can feel its gentle touch and stroll along the sandy shores. After having such a fun adventure.

The duration of this trip is approximately 3 hours. You can also cancel your trip 24 hours after booking. 

3. From Greece: Lindos Imperial Resort & Spa

Envisage yourself in a world of elegance when going to Lindos Imperial Resort and Spa. You will be able to experience a blend of luxury and opulence.

Out of all of the amazing features, this location has five outdoor pools which include an on-site water park, and a soothing spa. 

There are also playgrounds for kids to have fun. This signifies that coming to Lindos is an ideal option for families on a vacation trip.

The trip fee per person is £826. The trip takes over 3 hours, and you can cancel it within a day and get refunded instantly.

4. From Nice: Hotel Byakko

The price for this trip is £246 per person. This French hotel welcomes travelers from all over the world to a simple and ultra-contemporary atmosphere.

If you seek comfort within this beautiful place, the rooms are cozy with adequate air conditioning.

Most of them are even with private terraces, including a spacious breakfast room to get nourished and fuel yourself up for the day ahead.

Whether you’re going solo or traveling with your friends and loved ones, consider this place an attractive option.

The trip would also be convenient for you since it takes over 2 hours to reach your destination. 

Always remember to try out the trip cancellation option if you have more important schedules to attend.

5. From Turkey: Ramada Resort by Wyndham Akbuk

As offered by Polka Dot Travel, the price tag for this trip is on the high side. But has all great value such as the inclusive packages suited for families. Ramada resort is full of entertainment which the kids will love. 

Travelers don’t need to worry about accommodation because the rooms are comfortable, spacious and well-packaged. 

For those craving edibles, there are bars and restaurants put in place to serve them well. 

The total duration of this trip is 3-4 hours, and the price begins at £716 per person, they can wish to cancel the trip for up to 24 hours and get their money back. 

Call to Action 

To sum up, we trust that you will gain value after reading the information we gathered about Polka Dot Travel. It is also important to utilize this information in a proper way by helping you make decisions on your next holidays. 

If you have any questions or would love to contribute to this, kindly drop a comment in the comment box below. Happy Travels!

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