Great Currency Exchange Rates With Ramsdens Travel Money

You need some local cash for your destination country when traveling abroad. Either cash or a travel money card can be used for this. Ramsdens travel money cards are becoming more common among people who are going overseas because of how convenient and safe they are.

Great Currency Exchange Rates With Ramsdens Travel Money

You can pay for your purchases when traveling abroad using these cards and avoid paying exorbitant currency conversion costs that come with using cash.

You can preload your travel budget and make foreign payments on a platform provided by top travel money service provider Ramsdens.

“Ramsdens has around 130 branches scattered across the United Kingdom. This review encompasses all you need to know about Ramsdens travel money.”

About Ramsdens Financial Limited

Ramsdens was established in 1987 and has over 150 branches throughout Southern England, Northern England, Scotland, and Wales.

As well as traditional pawnbroking services, the successful introduction of the sale of foreign currency, buying gold and silver, watches, and jewelry has seen Ramsdens develop into a well-recognized and highly trusted high street retailer.

Now, you can get any of their high street products and services available online including the Ramsdens travel money, sales of new & previously owned jewelry and watches, and selling your gold.

Can You Get a Ramsdens Travel Card?

Yes, even without cash, you can make purchases overseas with Ramsdens Mastercard Prepaid Card. Simply top it off online or at a Ramsden’s store.

No matter where you are in the world, you may check your balance by signing into your Ramsdens account.

Prepaid currency cards are accepted everywhere the Mastercard Acceptance Mark is shown, which includes more than two million ATMs, stores, eateries, and lodging facilities in more than 210 nations.

The majority of electronic terminals that take Mastercard allow you to use your Ramsdens travel card, although payments made in currencies other than US dollars and euros are subject to a transaction fee.

Purchase a currency card online from Ramsden’s website and pick it up at the closest branch to obtain your own.

Ramsdens Travel Money Card

Customers can now use the prepaid Mastercard that Ramsdens provides to make ATM withdrawals or cross-border purchases of goods and services.

If you run out of cash, you can reload the Ramsdens Travel Money card in-store or online. It is available in US dollars and euros.

The card is useful and accepted at locations where the Mastercard logo is visible. This covers establishments like stores, motels, eateries, and bars.

The Ramsdens travel money card is available for purchase at any Ramsdens branch or online at their website.

Ramsdens Currency Exchange Rates

The table below shows Ramsdens Travel Money exchange rate for different countries:

Currency          Rates750 GBP Buys
Australian dollars1.9961,497.00
US dollars       1.132849.00
Hong Kong dollars       8.6176,462.75
Danish krone7.75   5,812.50
Czech koruna28.47221,354.00
Croatian kuna7.8755,906.25
Canadian dollars          1.6341,225.50
Bulgarian lev 1.9911,493.25
Bulgarian lev 1.9911,493.25
Barbados dollars          2.1741,630.50
United Arab Emirates dirham4.1053,078.75
Turkish lira     6.9365,202.00
Thai baht        36.03627,027.00
Swiss francs   1.093819.75
Swedish krona 11.572  8,679.00
Polish zloty    4.7143,535.50
Singapore dollars        1.6271,220.25
Norwegian krone13.34710,010.25e

How Much is Ramsdens Travel Money Fees

How Much is Ramsdens Travel Money Fees

For currency exchange, Ramsdens charges a fee of 0%. On its website, Ramsdens compares its exchange rates with those of its rivals, including NM Money, Eurochange, Asda, and No. 1.

To determine their precise exchange rates on any of the 50 accepted currencies, you can also use the Ramsdens currency calculator. It’s also critical to understand that exchange rates given in-store and online differ.

To select the most advantageous conversion rates, it is important to evaluate the prices offered in-store and online.

How Ramsdens Travel Money Work

For those who frequently go internationally and are looking for a simple and safe way to buy and spend foreign currency, Ramsdens Go Money Services are the best option.

Below is an overview of how Ramsdens Travel Money works:

1. Purchase a Ramsdens Travel Money Card

These cards can be ordered online or in-store and picked up at any Ramsdens location. Depending on the amount of your first preload, the card’s cost is waived.

2. Load Your Travel Card

You can load your Ramsdens travel card account with any desired amount at any location worldwide.

Money is sent from your debit card to your travel card during the loading process. This can be completed in person or online.

3. PIN Retrieval

There are instructions on the card that explain how to get your PIN back. To make purchases or load additional funds onto the card, you will require the PIN.

You will need to contact the number listed on the Ramsdens website to obtain this PIN. The usual network rate is applied to the call.

4. Spend

You can now spend your travel card anywhere in the world by carrying it with you. Remember that the travel card can be used at any location where the MasterCard Acceptance Mark appears.

5. Top Up Your Card Online

You can load more money onto your travel card online if you find yourself short on cash while traveling. Register online at the Ramsdens website. Next, select “To up my card” to reload your card.

There won’t be any spare cash on your trip card, so don’t worry. Leave it there and wait to sell the cash to Ramsdens when you return to the UK.

When Can You Collect Ramsdens Travel Money?

If you’re ordering dollars or euros, Ramsden’s boasts short turnaround times. Monday through Thursday, you can pick them up after 2:00 pm if you order them before noon

 Euros and dollars can be picked up the following Monday after 2pm if ordered by Friday at noon.

You can pay a deposit to hold the current exchange rate for seven days if you choose to pick up your cash.

With this, even if the rate drops in the interim, you will know exactly how much money you will receive.

It is always fun to plan a vacation. Sorting out your travel money, on the other hand, is more difficult. Getting the finest deal for your travel money will ensure you have enough money to enjoy your vacation and reward yourself while on the trip.

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